Monday, October 13, 2014

For your response.
With a decorative word of yours
Touched my heart like feet touching on the gentle soft ground early in the morning
Wen you dropped your word of heart
In my bag of my sms box,
" I still remember the day we met,i thought we would just be frens.You slightly liked me but i never thought of it as i was in a different world but there was something about you that made me think that you are the one for me.
Whenever we meet, i act as like myself no matter who is by me but my heart beats as if there is something i should tell you..
Your personality caught my heart and is started thinking about my future life...
So thank you for being in my life and hope you will come till my expectation..
If you are ready i am ready to tell the world that we are the best couple in the world"
My sweetest mikky, now I call on you
I have never loved as I love you.
If you dont give your heart to me
I will still - and ever - love thee.
And create an lovestory in the universe
That no one have created till now,
My mind is weary, as the sunflower
I am thinking about you every hour,
not a second goes by; I know not why
unless I am face to face with you.
O, answer me and say you care!
my darling mikky, thou art so fair,
with radiant beauty that captures
my heart and grace from within
that lights every star. And when you are not within my reach
I could hear the voice of my heart
Namgay where is  that angel of yours
The one who alys comfort you
The one who cares you like loving mom
The one who guide you like elder brothers and sisters
And the one who loves you like your lost father did,
I love to hear you singing again
pretty words of love in gentle refrain,
just a word from you, on paper of blue,
will tell me if the greatest love is true.
And wanna stay forever with you,

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