Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Be positive and let other judge...
It was nightmare for us
Wen five of us got letter from college
Dream have been shattered
Happiness have been crushed in
Peace have been doomed
Thought life have end there,

When I passed our office order to my friend
There I have seen my friends face brushing
And I consoled them saying that "that is what life is"
But deep inside I also regretted for the reasons why we why we and why only five of is,

Where I sometime think teacher is not at all
Five of us"s profession and not at all capable of that profession,
And from that day...........

There is no concentration in class,
  Interesting Module such as creative writing,
Full of interest are also disturbed,
Interactive lesson seems to be chaos
It is all because of our disturbed Mind
Which is the result of what we have done in earlier semester,
And it is such a regretful thing that I have in my life till now,
So my dear friend please do study hard, do concentrate on each and every minute and make this semester,
Make your patent happy which we five of us cannot fulfill,
I know each one of your parents expect you all to get through this last ladder as our patent did,
And may our dream of seeing you 26 friend " getting through this last semester and getting through RCSC will come true" ALL THE BEST Laaaaaaaa..

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